Crochet Teddy Bear with Embroidered Initials

I was asked to make a teddy bear for my coworker to give to her nephew for his 1st birthday. She had a special request for the baby’s initials to be on the bear. I don’t have experience embroidering other than eyebrows or eyelashes, but I knew I could figure it out once I did a little research.

The bear itself is a cute pattern I found on Etsy (Lucas the Teddy Bear). The pattern was simple enough, but what I struggled with was using such a small hook with regular yarn. The stitches are really small and tight which hurt my fingers after a while. I think I even got a blister. The yarn I used might not have been the same size as what was indicated in the pattern because the author is in another country. So, I purchased what I could get here. And to be honest, I get confused by yarn weight. I have a chart that shows equivalencies, but it’s not foolproof. I frequently found myself not grabbing the full strand of yarn when pulling through. The finished effect was great. It looks very clean and perfect, but because of how long it took to complete and how painful it was for me, I don’t see myself making another which sucks because I kind of want one for myself now.

When I finished and it was time to embroider, I had a difficult time deciding on the lettering. I was really afraid I was going to screw it up. I also know I tend to go overboard and attempt something really elaborate. I tried to resist doing that and in the end, I had to get it to my coworker/customer so I had to commit and finish. I decided to use a chain stitch. First, I drew the letters on the foot using a pen with disappearing ink which I had pretested on a strand of the same yarn. Still, I drew it lightly and it did get pretty faded by the end, but I was able to eyeball it.

In the end, my coworker liked it and that’s what matters. I was sad to let him go. He’s a cutie.

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