Picnic Table (Free Pattern)

If you ever find yourself in my situation, which I highly doubt you will, this quick pattern for a picnic table might come in handy!

Isn’t it adorable?

You will need:

  • Brown yarn (I used red heart super saver size 4 in coffee)
  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • 2 brown pipe cleaners (the thin ones if they have them)
  • Wire clippers
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors

Table top:

  1. Holding your pipe cleaner in front of you, attach your yarn via slip stich one inch to the left from the end. 10 SC over the pipe cleaner. Bend the pipe cleaner at the end of the row up so that you can CH 1 over it and turn.
  2. SC in the next 10 stitches (not over the pipe cleaner). Bend up the edge of the pipe cleaner you began with so you can CH 1 over it and turn.
  3. SC in the next 10 stitches, CH 1 over the pipe cleaner again and turn. What you are creating is a small rectangle with the pipe cleaner reinforcing the edges.
  4. Repeat above: SC 10, CH 1 and turn.
  5. Repeat above: SC 10, CH 1 and turn.
  6. For row six, you’re going to bend the long end of your pipe cleaner over and create the long edge to finish. SC 10 over the pipe cleaner and FO. Use your small wire clippers to cut the excess pipe cleaner. Weave in your ends over any pipe cleaner that peaks through.

Bench seats (make two):

  1. Take your remaining pipe cleaner and attach your yarn again via a SLST close to the end. Leave a very small amount of pipe cleaner to bend over at the end of the 2nd row. SC 10 over the pipe cleaner. Bend pipe cleaner up to CH 1 and then bend pipe cleaner completely over and turn.
  2. SC 10 over pipe cleaner, including the small end from the first row and FO. Trim excess pipe cleaner and weave in your ends.

Legs (make two):

Cut two pieces of pipe cleaner approximately two inches long. On each piece you will attach your yarn and SC 8 over your pipe cleaners. FO leaving a long tail for sewing, trim any excess pipe cleaner with your clippers. Bend row in half to make a V. Weave in your ends. You want to weave the long tail to the center of your V to attach to the table top.


  • First attach your legs to your table top. Pull yarn extra tight so the legs are sturdy. Weave in your ends or knot off in the underside of your table so as to not show.
  • Laying table upside down, align your seats to gauge where to attach them to the legs. I decided to go through mid-way up the leg at around the second stitch and about 1 stitch inside the seat. Make sure whatever side you use to be face up matches the other seat once attached. I looped in and out of the two stitches twice and then double knotted my yarn on the inside of the leg. You can then try to weave in any ends or trim with scissors.
  • It’s worth mentioning that the yarn I used is very dark and is forgiving in that you don’t really see any of my sewing. If you use a lighter brown you may have to be more careful.
  • Flip your table over and admire!

My picnic table is a featured part in the camping scene I made for the 2019 Orange County Fair. Picture post to follow.

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