Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Cake, Oh My!

This is more of a brag post than anything. I’m not planning on going through the steps of how I made it because there’s so much information online already. For instance, I take a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest.  So, when my sister in law asks me if I can make my niece’s birthday cake for her 6th birthday party and tells me that she wants a rainbow unicorn cake, I go straight to Pinterest for ideas. I noticed that dripping colored icing is a trend as well as an abundance of candy and flare. So I definitely wanted to have that on this cake.

From my past experience, making rainbow cakes involves baking half layers in order to get the most color variation. Last time, I had a few broken layers from placing and transporting the cake because my layers were more light and fluffy.  This time, I chose to use a more dense vanilla cake recipe.  In addition, I used a standard buttercream frosting for the outside and inside (I do not like fondant) and I used candy melts for the dripping top. I wanted a really solid dripping candy layer, but I didn’t really think of how that would affect the cutting of the cake. It made it a little messy and uneven, but who cares? They’re kids.

The cake has two parts: a 9 inch standard cake round base (6 half layers or 3 full layers) and a 6 inch unicorn head top layer (4 half layers or 2 full layers). In the end, it’s a double recipe of cake batter because the 4 small half layers are the equivalent to one 9 inch cake round. I used neon gel food coloring because that’s how you get the brightest layers. Liquid food coloring isn’t really effective and it starts to thin your batter. The colors are always kind of dull or pale.

When it comes to the flare, I pulled out all the stops.  I got a unicorn cake topper, lollipops, a pinwheel, marshmallows, candy hearts, sprinkles, wafer cookies, circus cookies, stars, sour straws, and my little pony figurines.  All in all if you were to add up the cost of all my materials, it ended up being around $100. But, she’ll probably never have another cake like that and it’s around this age where kids start retaining their memories. So it was a birthday party to remember.

In the end, the cake ended up being extra sweet.  Most people did not finish their slices.  It was super tasty though. The kids were really intent on getting a marshmallow on their slice, so keep that in mind if you do this. Kids love marshmallows! Do not hold back on the marshmallows or they will cry and fight over them! I did most of the assembly at my brother’s house which was very smart.  I just brought along some candy melts in a bottle for my glue. It worked out quite good that way because then I could use my large cake carrier for the bottom and a small box for the top to drive it over there.

I really think everyone should make a least one elaborately fun cake like this in their lifetime.  It’s really not hard when most of the decorations are candy you simply stick on.  If you do, please add a comment and tell me how it went.


image-20190209_211210 image-20190209_211738

img_20190210_100141 image-20190210_102809






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