2018 Orange County Fair 1st Place Winner!

I did it!  I won 1st place in the category of Knitted and Crocheted Art, Dolls, and Toys: Dolls, Toys, and Animals.


The coral wasn’t really displayed well, but I had to remind myself I already won so it doesn’t matter.  I’ve got better pictures here on my blog!

Here is a link to the list of winners for 2018 from their website: Fiber Arts Results List

I’d like to point out the dragon behind my entry did not place or get a mention, but I think it was really awesome and deserving of an award.  Hopefully Grace Olivieri doesn’t feel too bad.  Better luck next year!

It looks like the sub-category to dominate next year would be 3-D Art.  What won this year was a basket of crochet fruits and vegetables and some food items on plates.  Just think of the possibilities! In actuality my reef could have qualified for the category if I wanted, but I really wanted to win this year so I thought it would give my octopus that extra something.

Somebody yarn bombed a bicycle and won 2nd place.  I’m not trying to be a hater, but I don’t “get” it.


I am guessing they consider it “art.” Anyway, it’s not my taste, but it was the judges’.

My entire office is very excited about this and they’d like me to bring Claude back for our next quarterly all-staff meeting. It’s nice to see other people get excited for me. My mom was very happy as well, but I’d have to say the highlight of the trip to the fair for us was finding a gorgeous pig named Jenny.  She was spunky and trying to antagonize her pen companion, Belle. Jenny is the one on the left. Yay Jenny!


Isn’t she cute?

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